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actually the correct term is Frankenstein's Monster, u smugly say as they pull the lever | Louis Packard

actually the correct term is Frankenstein’s Monster, u smugly say as they pull the lever

u wake up due to loud construction happening somewhere nearby, in her bed with ur arm around her.  she is still asleep and u move with her sleep motions.  thirty minutes later she wakes up and u kiss her.

“what are u thinking about?” she asks.

u wrinkle ur forehead “um i’m wondering if the construction workers outside are in love, or if they feel scorned or hurt or apathetic.  is there love going into the building they are working on?  has one of them carved someone’s name on a supporting beam?”

she crosses her eyes at u and walks into the bathroom and brushes her teeth.

u walk out to the living room and see that ur friend has left, putting the pull-out bed back together as he left.

she walks out of the bathroom, “where’s ur friend?”

“it looks like he left.”

u walk outside with her and sit on the porch steps as she lights a cigarette.  she offers u a puff and u shake ur head.

“do u still want to make food later?” she asks.

u nod, “i’ll text u when i’m at the co-op so we don’t get the same things.”

she smiles

u kiss her and walk down the porch steps.

u walk two blocks down the street and call ur friend, alex, who left, he doesn’t answer.

u walk into ur friend, nate’s house and go upstairs to his room.

u grab ur sunglasses and walk to ur car.

u pick ur friend hans up from his “shawty’s” house and drive to a head shop.

he buys a new pipe and u smoke a bowl in ur car.

u stop at a coffee shop.

u order yerba mate and hans orders a double shot of espresso.

u drive home listening to lil wayne, tha carter 2 (chopped+screwed) dropping hans off at his house.

u vape weed from ur vaporizer and take a shower, listening to lil b.

in the co-op u look for all the ingredients needed, all from memory.

2 bushels of bananas
one red bell pepper
one serrano pepper
one jalepeno pepper
one 16oz bottle of honey kombucha
one package of frozen edamame
one package of frozen corn
one package of frozen blueberries

u get in ur car and drive downtown

on lloyd and 35th u realize that u don’t have black beans.

u get lost and finally find a pick n save, buying low sodium black beans.

u drive to her house and knock on the door.

no one answers

u call her on the phone,

“hey i’m outside”

“of my house?”


“shit, i am at ‘dos dineros'”

“do u want me to pick u up?”


u drive to dos dineros and park directly in front of the outside patio.  u feel weird about having to park directly in front of the outside patio.  she says “goodbye” to her friends and gets out of her chair, wavepool abortion is playing loudly on ur car stereo.

u drive to her house and make an edamame corn salad and a smoothie consisting of:

2 cups of blueberries
5 bananas
8oz honey kombucha
loosely poured amount of whiskey

u sit with her on her porch drinking the smoothies while the salad is in the refrigerator.

a red car shittily parallel parks in front of her apartment and two “cool dudes” step out, walking into the art school dorm building across the street.

u flip a pall mall red into ur mouth, like some cool character in a godard film, and offer her one.

she accepts and u light both cigarettes with a green nascar lighter.

the two cool dudes and a girl come out of the art school dorm building and walk to the red car.

“have u guy’s ever seen ‘the fast and the furious: tokyo drift?'” u shout at them

“yes” the girl and one of the cool guys answer in unison.

“classic film, just watched it on “usa network” today,” u lie.

the cool squad nods and all close their car doors.

she starts laughing as the red car drives away.

u walk with her to walgreens to develop her photos.

u buy a 24oz can of mountain dew baja blast.

the photo developer at walgreens is broken and u walk to goodwill with her.

u find a shirt for ur friend, a shirt for urself and seven james bond films on vhs.  u drink the mountain dew baja blast while “ballroom blitz” plays on the radio thru the overhead speakers.  u feel the need to fight most people in the goodwill.

u walk over to her and offer her the can of mountain dew baja blast.  she sips from it while showing u the kimono she found.

u buy the things u found.

u find her still searching and walk over to the book section of goodwill.

she buys the things she found.

u buy three books released by “time” about lost civilizations/treasures.

u walk back to her house and sit on the porch with her.

u pour whiskey into the empty space in the mountain dew baja blast can.

u sit with her on the porch reading separate books from the “time” series, showing each other interesting chapters.

an hour later she stands up, “i have to go help with that photoshoot now.”

“ok” u say and she walks to her car and u walk to ur car.

u park outside of nate’s house and walk one block to the liquor store.

u buy a bottle of red wine and drink it all while people watch tv at nate’s house.

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