girl slug in bed

today i touched myself as soon as i woke up & i thought about being with soggy dog at a party vaguely carrying him home on my back. i’m a slug with a little face with long eyes & long soggy dog says who are you put on some pants. what i’m trying to avoid in general: everyone i’ve slept with in the last year & everyone i’ve slept with in the last year’s girlfriend & the sleep that sleeps in my bed. the sleep has a recurring dream in which the soggy dog makes little attempt to save me from drowning in a cold river by a highway ad infinitum a million times. in the sleep’s dream the soggy dog is old & scared to swim & the soggy dog paces the grey riverbank & the soggy dog looks to the highway for help vaguely paws the water & i’m a slug in the water with no arms to hold on to anything & i die a million times in a row. the sleep waits for me to fold into it. the soggy dog looks at me from far away.

About Katie Foster

Katie Foster is a student at Bennington College. She can be found on Tumblr.

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