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Hi, My name is Theo and I’m a 19 year old writer living in Brooklyn! :) I came up with this story about having friends while I was on my rooftop and it’s good, and I think you’ll love it, but anyway let me say this, I’m not just talking about relationships here. Try to disassociate things from one another, think about how differences can connect things, and please just don’t be ashamed of existing anymore. No matter how wrong people say your existence is, it just isn’t, OK? I hate watching you cry in front of your webcam. You don’t believe you deserve to be happy, but you do. Everyone makes mistakes, that doesn’t make them a bad person.

Nathan Masserang is lying outside on the morning grass like a bright pair of pants, feeling expensive and comfortable, messaging Paul Rizza on Facebook Messenger.

“Theo is so cool,” Nathan says.

“I think he’s very, very cool,” Paul replies. “Strange and carefree, like a big mystery.”

“I think he is just good, like objectively a good person, and I’m very lucky to be his friend and I really consider him a friend.”

“I do too, I want to spend more time with him online.”

Nathan agrees with Paul, noticing the new shining colors in his phone.

Paul sends Nathan a Pusheen sticker. Facebook stickers are illustrations or animations of characters that you can send to friends. They’re a great way to share how you’re feeling and add personality to your chats. It’s an internet postcard that is sent from one online user to another, something to enjoy yourself with, a small moment of instant gratification, sometimes relief, or to feel comfortable with.

Paul mentions to Nathan how the world can seem glimmering at times, bright and expensive like pants.

Scott Krave sends Bob Schofield a Snapchat of a small rainbow that formed over the mist of his garden hose. It’s a small piece of everything, floating in colors somewhere in the air, and maybe it isn’t really there, but it is because we can see it but, I don’t know, I don’t really know how rainbows work but I still like writing about them because they make people happy.

“What makes Theo a Theo?” The Snapchat says, disappearing in seconds like, well a rainbow I guess, or like, I don’t know, an unimportant memory, maybe?

A girl who secretly has a crush on Theo searches his name on Youtube and watches videos of him reading poetry. She thinks he acts cute, and has a goofy voice but also, he still seems very intelligent too, and good looking, and with a great sense of humor too. Maybe she will message Theo later to flirt with him in a nonconfrontational way.

What does make Theo a Theo? Is it a thing like rainbows, or like pants? Paul wonders if he is a little Theo, and Anthony Peregrine text messages Amy Saul-Zerby late at night, vaguely mentioning Theo in a comforting way, and Stephen Michael McDowell messages Stephen Tully Dierks, “I can’t stop reading Theo’s stuff.” John Mortara Kiks James Ganas, “Did you catch Theo’s new story on Electric Cereal?”

“Of course I did.”

Nathan messages Paul like how you would slide letters under a door, and he feels like a Theo, at least I think he feels like a Theo. I’m not sure, and Paul seems confused too. He googles Theo’s name and suddenly, it’s all there.

About Theo Thimo

Theo Thimo lives in Brooklyn. He has been published in Metazen, Press Board Press, Shabby Doll House, and Everyday Genius. He can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

  • Matthew Dinaro

    i found theo on twitter and thought his tweets were really funny even when he was obviously very depressed, even then his wit and brutal honesty did not shut down. and here he shows himself to be a very perceptive boy. we are more into people that art and we had better be careful or we will end up with both boring people and boring art

  • wow hey this just seems ‘so theo’ to me, u kno ? haha, p interesting, i liked it, personally, so i read it twice

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