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you are a heavy animal too by Sarah Jean Alexander

you are a heavy animal too

my body is in a constant state
of wanting to sigh continuously
but my lungs never let me
take a deep enough breath

my face screws itself into
a very ugly expression and sometimes i cry
but usually i do not

when i fall asleep
it is almost always in the arms of another person
while my mind flashes
‘what the hell am i doing’
until it turns off

how many stones do i have to tie around my waist
before i can walk into the ocean without floating up

trick question
i am afraid of fish
nobody is worth being in an ocean for
likewise, nobody is worth leaving the ground
so i won’t also ask a question
about helium-filled balloons

(7 big stones, the size of your head,
or 13 small ones, the size of a smaller head)

if another person fails you
and you have one night without nightmares
it cancels the other out

(3,802 balloons for me,
4,278 for you)

a woman’s fist is always small
and i have never not compared myself to angels

About Sarah Jean Alexander

Sarah Jean Alexander has a book of poems and short stories forthcoming from Big Lucks Books sometime next year. Her writing has been published in Hobart, The Fanzine, Shabby Doll House, and Potluck Mag. She tweets from Brooklyn.

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