I Wanna Eat Cheetos Right Before The Dentist And Tell You I Havent Flossed In Five Years To Feel How Honest It Feels, Feel How Soft My Teeth Are, See, They Will Melt In Your Hands And Under Your Instruments Like Pillows Or Butter, Rat Sized Pillows Made Of Butter At Cheap Restaurants And Diners

i want you to keep breaking my heart
please no dont stop it dont end being mad as a joke
just because there are things wrong dont you leave dont you stop sitting here with me not talking and ignoring each other mad please dont stop
i will let you keep breaking my heart but you are the idea and i am the idea nothing real will end up not in a parking lot
i have a best friend who makes fun of me loves me says i get bored with people fucks me loves me still loves me too much he loves me but he is too respectful and masochistic to care and he love it i never get bored of him because in this i am always right and when i am not it is funny right in my world that he knows and lets me have it lets me have everything i want everything i will do nothing for it
i will do nothing for everything i will escalate this i will not back down from my bed from how dare you
when i get too drunk i will get mad and hard mean and i could be so much more better or mean but i dont so i stop talking to you and you are supposed to fill this and your blushing spluttering is not enough
you need to be more you need to be more and fill this you need to be more and fill this
and me

About Emily Kraus

Emily is a student at the University of Connecticut.

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