introduction to the humans of earth

             for Olivia and for people so unlike her they need the grace of their gods

1. we have spaces that are named. an example of such space is called the bathroom though no one uses the baths save for standing in.

2. showing our teeth means
             a. we are experiencing joy or
             b. posing for it or
             c. we are paying someone lots of money to look inside us,
                          i. to show us pictures of how broken we are,
                          ii. to give us papers telling us how much more it will cost to fix us.

3. we praise a man named Einstein because he named a thing called relativity which just means that violence, ignorance, genius, papier mache birthday decorations, dialogue boxes, manifest destiny, the hold feature on telephones, patriarchy, institutionalized racism, lace, grace, genocide, war, and beauty pageants all exist and still our* complaints and fears most days have to do with
             a. getting shampoo in our eyes, or
             b. our own money giving us paper cuts, and
             c. traffic.

3. * the privileged enough among us to be writing poetry after their day job is done.

4. we praise lots of women but I would need more asterisks to give their names.

5. fathers are people that have a specific type of sound to them.

5. mothers cannot be defined as easily.

6. sometimes, humans lose their voices when crying.

             here are some examples of people:

1. there exists a woman who watches videos of a crash test dummy opening and closing in on itself over and over again. she takes notes so as to cushion our future blows.

2. there is a man who aches over millimeters: the smallness of a lip on a saucer so our teacups click just right.

About Sally J. Johnson

Sally J. Johnson’s poetry and nonfiction have appeared or are forthcoming in the Collagist, Bodega, Weave, and Everyday Genius. Her essay, “Teach My Body How To Behave” was a finalist for the Redivder Beacon Street Prize. She can also be found on Twitter and Tumblr.

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