mom is living. mom’s mom is dead.
my houseplants are living. myspace is dead.
punk is dead. the rich are living.
arnold schwartzenegger is living. robots are dead.
the ends of my hair are dead. yogurt is living.
the squirrel on route 9 is definitely dead. debts are living.
what i forgot is dead. a walk is living.
door home is dead. getting a new wife is living.
the other car is dead. strangers on the internet are living.
having a lot of sex is living. baby teeth are dead.
period blood is dead. too much spit is living.
dry grass is dead. april is half living.
the cicadas are dead. you are living.
i am not dead. i am not dead.
you are not here.

About Katie Foster

Katie Foster is a student at Bennington College. She can be found on Tumblr.

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