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JELLY | Simone Wolff


all the ice in the world turns to jelly

the river turns to ice
which then turns to jelly

we slide over the river’s new skin bellies-down giggling
some pills up and gloms onto my navel ring

i’m having so much fun worrying that someone will slip through and become
trapped and their lungs will burst will jelly
we couldn’t save her we’d just have to wave goodbye through a soft prism

next every crystal turns to jelly
engagement diamonds wobble and flop out of their settings like eyeballs

everything that’s already jelly remains jelly

my tongue turns to strawberry jelly
i concentrate hard to keep from swallowing it
and even harder when i spit it
into a jar to give to my crush

About Simone Wolff

Simone Wolff is a 2nd year MFA in poetry and teacher at Vanderbilt. They are also the head poetry editor for the Nashville review, as well as social media intern for Coconut Magazine and Kit Yan productions. Their work can be found in Split Lip Magazine, Finery, Inpatient Press, WE'RE HERE WE'RE QUEER AND WE PROBABLY LOVE TOO HARD zine.

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