Love Tan

I am romantic like the smell
of clothes draped in crime drama.
Don’t pee in the water,
pee in the woods.

I have a crush on the world,
but it is not treating me well.
If I am an object, I am an
object of your nightmares.

Construction trucks stop in front of me,
then put up the LANE CLOSED sign.
How easily can you crack my spine
and find a way for our bones to touch?

Every poem is a love poem
in which we play a love game.
I want to feel all the tiny steps
of our tanned destruction.

Will you kiss each vertebrae?
We are alone together.
Let’s just have a pillow fight party.
Hurt each other with feathers.

I am going to climb my loft bed
and kiss the spider webs.

About Tracy Dimond

Tracy Dimond co-curates Ink Press Productions. She is the author of Grind My Bones Into Glitter, Then Swim Through The Shimmer (NAP 2014) and Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today (Ink Press 2013). She tweets and tumbles a lot too.

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