Lovers Always Have Two Faces

it’s a different world
when you undress
peeling pretty, watching your mouth collapse
like a bridge shimmering in lightning
whiskey lips to whiskey skin.
what i want is your slow death
but i’ve opted for a soft-focus suicide.
sometimes i forget the lipstick
and sleek, smooth legs
and all the bejeweled trappings that
make you think i’m at my best.

the universe wants to punish me
for touching Eden’s scars.

we think that we are stars
with enough fire and mortar and power
to be immortalized in cast iron preservation cases
pearls painted on your body
like drops of whole milk
tears visible through summer smoke.
i saved the chalk outlines
for each time you betrayed me.

lust wrapped
in the fog of Sunday’s bed peace
and the tough-love teachings of a blue
that stayed in my lungs
like blood crusted on the tips
of white high heels.
a kiss turned
late-night killing spree
i am always turning inside out
giving in to your ghost.
business laid down in the back of your car
handsome devil with razor-eyes.
we smash together
and break apart
hoping to find meaning in the land of bones and dust.

About Vanessa Willoughby

Vanessa Willoughby is a graduate of Emerson College and The New School. Her writing can be found on Tumblr.

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