maybe humanity in general sucks but you have to admit, they’re pretty fucking adorable

art is supposed to bridge the gap between language and emotion…
– but get this! mankind has been thwarted.

under that bridge, there is a troll.
he frequently quotes david foster wallace and often delves into rants
about the death of post-modernism. he watches art movies
and likes blink-182 ironically.

he has no friends. he is severely depressed.
sometimes, he does drugs with other friendless, depressed creatures.
they all feel lightheaded and gratified for a few hours.
the troll even makes knock-knock jokes.
everyone laughs until the drugs wear off.

after that, they go back to being friendless and depressed.

one day, he gets bored
so he kills God to make a statement.
it was a publicity stunt, the critics start saying.

they’re wrong – he just did it because he had nothing else to do.
but that makes him sound like a bored failure
who uses art as a pretext to waste his life away.

he wants to want attention
so he says nothing and just keeps blogging about his dumb life.

About Ashley Shah

Ashley Shah lives in Southern California. Her work is forthcoming in Insert Lit Mag Here. She can also be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

  • kim kardashian

    wow you are so good!

    • ashleyshah

      WOW! so nice to talk to a fan! thanks kim kardashian! u make my work both ironic and iconic

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