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untitled | Moon Temple


we once saw a group
of ten or fifteen teens from
the projects stealing citibikes
‘they’re probably gonna throw them in the river’ you said

hope they did
and hope that
years from now I will come back
to New York and remember
kissing that boy who Wasn’t You
by the same river and how
his kisses were different from
your kisses, the quiet ones
you give me in your bedroom

and how I didn’t miss his
kisses but I missed yours
and how I didn’t miss him pressing
me against the fence wall of the
overpass for everyone to see
and how I didn’t miss him kissing me
by the dying sharks at Coney Island
cringing slightly but still

and how I missed kissing you in
your kitchen smoking by the stove
while the sunrise filtered through the curtain
and how I missed you singing old
songs that made you think of me
while I laid quietly, nervously, hoping
and how I missed the way we stayed up
all night gripping each other as though
we would never see each other again

how you couldn’t stop kissing me

if you try too hard to make
your romance like a movie it will
feel just as acted

one time a boy wrote a
love poem for me to send in
the mail but he forgot to put
it in the envelope and when I got
it I tore the envelope apart searching
for some tiny surprise but
it was empty

About Moon Temple

Moon Temple lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been published in Shabby Doll House, The Tangential, and Everyday Genius. She has written two chapbooks, I Saw A Bird Sitting and Come To My Ocean. She can also be found on Twitter and her own Moon Temple Universe.

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