so my ex texted me today and then when i responded she never texted back

my friend put death grips on my spotify playlist
in this song there is a bass noise that swells back up on beat and sounds threatening
now there are other bass noises

last night i was in houston
and as i was leaving the streets were empty,
all the streets normally full of cars

now there is a treble noise i would describe as
but it is nothing like a police car

i feel obligated to be myself by everyone and it is scary and threatening
because i don’t know what myself is
i said “it is” previously because i cannot remember the “it’s” “its” distinction

now a new death grips song is on
i think they are sampling a genre called “beach rock”

what is beach rock, really
i hate beach rock for the most part

About Davis Land

Davis Land lives in Texas. He is the author of hershey bar pie. He is the vice-president of MicCheck and the poetry editor of The Eckleburg Project. He has been published by Metazen and Be About It. He can also be found on Tumblr.

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