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Naked | Giovanni Hanson


(for: everyone)

Do your words flow well over a beat or are they more like talking?
do they just say something like “hey guys I’m not really reading I’m just talking except
I’m on a stage which is kind of weird” (?)
do you say “like” a lot as a filler or . . .
you know what?
You know what my words do?
they get naked and yeah we know that poetry is getting naked for people but
I want to get naked comfortably and
dude I don’t care if you can see my dick
I can see my dick
my words are taking out my dick and playing with it
not in like a sexual way .. just in that kind of totally comfortable totally
candid examination of your own body kind of way
Examining your body like it’s you and it’s not everything that’s you
it’s literally just like your arm or your leg or your asshole and its not so special
I mean, you’re special but it’s just your flesh and we know its there
I mean, if I sit here and bare my whole soul for you will you still be thinking “well I mean I haven’t seen his dick so what do I really know about the guy”
will you think “hey I haven’t seen his dick so how do I know he’s a guy hey ! maybe you’ll even see my dick and you’ll wonder “is this person a guy?”
If you wonder that then I applaud you
I applaud you because a dick doesn’t make someone a guy
it doesn’t make anyone anything
I hope you don’t feel like I’m being phallocentric
I hope you don’t think my words are just here to hold up my dick because they’re not!
You know what? my dick isn’t even real!
Not even inside of language or even inside of you is it a real thing
not even when you’re inside of me do I think you can hurt me
not even when you have my head pressed against the pillow and I’m like yeah “fuck me daddy” and it’s like
“ you’re not my dad , why is this coming out my mouth why are you cumming in me asdbhsd hbasdh sdajk “

uhm what …

hey what I was trying to say was …
okay like have you ever just been naked with someone and it wasn’t a sexual thing and it wasn’t not a sexual thing
I don’t mean sitting there like a horny celibate
I mean have you actually just been with someone and you were both naked and you truly just didn’t give any more of a shit then you would if they were doing anything else in their body

is this making any sense?
okay well

you can shove your huge all American circumcised wee wee into my asshole and tear it and I won’t fucking cry

if you kiss me tomorrow and say you don’t love me I will fucking cry

About Giovanni Hanson

Giovanni Hanson is an 18 y/o writer attending Butler University. Follow them on tumblr.

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