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Name for a Poem | Jesse Hoefling

Name for a Poem

A few words to drag the reader in
Another clever line that’s vague but tangible
A reference to another poem
Ending the verse with a question

A short line trying too hard to be profound
A line with 2 numbers in it
Talking about Paris and the one July I was there
The gypsy selling little Eiffel towers
A comparison between London and Paris
Someone like T.S. Elliot’s name, what he was thinking

Shows I don’t have to rhyme to write good poetry
A reference to popular culture
Leaving the reader not quite understanding the whole thing
A thought of “Should I edit this?”
The last line, still searching for the right words

About Jesse Hoefling

Jesse Hoefling lives in Seattle, Washington.

  • Jean Hoefling

    This is a creative idea, poetry about poetry

  • Jean Hoefling

    You’ve got it down! “Another clever line that’s vague but tangible” It’s said that good poetry, good art in general, starts a conversation with the culture. I think this one does. It makes me think about the process of writing and how careful I’m being to write to the reader, not just to myself. Nice poem.

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