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plastic watermelon | Ashley Opheim

plastic watermelon

welcome the sky inside of you. hold me closer in the tiny rain. baby, I have been wondering about the time zones of waiting and the phenology of watering. waking up inside of my self isn’t always beautiful, but waking up beside you is beautiful all the time. the pattern we make together is crystalline. baby, the compost in the biodegradable bag in the plastic bin is a symphony of decay and flowers are sometimes spaceships. all beautiful things die, but think about the space between mountains anyways. I am a woman for you, baby, I am your gigantic earthly delight. come rage, come uncertainty. baby, brilliantly, come. baby, come. avoid the ambient watermelon. it is too heavy. hold me in the gentle rain with certainty. hold this time zone of waiting. together we make a watering mouth. wonder with me about the pattern between mountains and the smallest crystals. I am gigantic for you, baby, I am a tiny spaceship. I am waking up beside you in certainty. baby, come, baby, I have wandered between time zones. I have been a watermelon seed. I have wilted. I have decayed, for you, baby, I am new. I have been waking up as beautiful as wondering. love is the space between mountains that holds distance together. love is a watermelon smashed on the sidewalk. I have been waking up as open as the sky for you, baby. I am all guts and seeds and rain.

About Ashley Opheim

Ashley Opheim is the managing editor of Metatron. She is the author of the poetry collection I Am Here and the NewHive ebook LIGHGHT. Her work has been published in Shabby Doll House, Pop Serial, and HTMLGiant. She can also be found on Twitter.

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