Publishing Terms and Conditions

You, the Artist, will retain copyright of your Work. In agreeing to these terms, you grant Electric Cereal, the Publisher, First Exclusive Electronic Rights to publish your Work in Electric Cereal, the website (

You are free to reprint your Work in another online journal after one year from the date of publication. We only ask for the courtesy of crediting Electric Cereal with original publication (i.e. Originally published in Electric Cereal).

You are free to share your Work online through personal websites and ebooks however and as soon as you’d like. We only ask for the courtesy of crediting Electric Cereal with original publication and providing a link to your Work on our website if possible.

You retain the Print Rights to your Work.

We may ask in the future to include your Work in a print anthology. In that case, we will contact you to secure the Print Rights to publish your printed Work in addition to original digital publication.

Learn about your rights here.