I take the shortcut to faking my own death.
I tell a handful of people not to talk to me.
I put my phone on airplane mode.
I stop paying rent.
I live out the rest of my days dead.
That’s not so hard.
Tupac makes it sound so elaborate.

Why can you fake something but you can’t real something?
Say I don’t take the shortcut.
What if I actually fake my death?
I work at it and make it really believable.
Now everyone around me thinks I’m dead.
They come into my apartment and say this tofurkey is still good.
It must have happened in the last six months.
Or maybe longer.
Then they real my death.

About Joey Cosco

Joey Cosco is the Vice President In Charge of Programming at WJPZ Z89 and the Digital Director of 20 Watts.

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