Dwayne used to be my brother
                          him and his alligator hair
                                     access points
                                        areas of soft space
              what do you think i did Darren?
                   i couldn’t help your body’s
                          candelabra from
                              watering out
              what do you want Dad
                  huh? honey you’re a
                          suckle oh
                                       sucker oh
i think Dad oh Darren oh Dwayne
               why do you use your eyelids as ashtrays?
                          and drape your not-so-rare sweat
               all on the black top?
what do you want me you
                                       used to be my brother Dad
               but then you grew out that mullet Darren
                          but then you became
no it isn’t
               no you aren’t an abnormality
                          no then i became
Duane watching you dance
               you go Duality
                          you kick it on that dance floor
                              you paint that hilltop marble
                          no you just can’t be stopped
                                       & what kind of corn do you
want as your side they made it all for you
                          oh yeah oh yeah now you’re
getting it
               Dude we used to be pals when where was i
     could have been                       oh man look at you go
                          tearing up that honey
                          saturating that milk no
                          that wasn’t me i jumped off that
                                       milk ship oh D-D
               ur just shredding now

About Ryan Hutchinson

Ryan Hutchinson lives in St. Louis. Her work has been published in Uut Poetry. Follow her on Tumblr.

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