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I Will Always Be In Love (Day 4)

Feeling like the finest nun in the convent.
Feeling like everything is god, like I want to marry everything.

I Will Always Be In Love (Day 3)

Sexting via pataphor. Can you handle my allegory?
Get your dictionary out babe, I’m flirting with you.

I Will Always Be In Love (Day 2)

I can’t take a hint. Blind for nonsense, and eyes vulcanic. Feverish cheeks swell and my face illuminates yours. I want it to unfold but I won’t make it this time.

Oily glaciers swirl, and burning air, climbing up steep trails of those pebbles. Swaying, stumbling, swallowing with a closing throat. Like you blew the pilot out.

Surveying to compare, conjure: a statue, swan, palm, Sunday afternoon with crosswords for covers.

I Will Always Be In Love (Day 1)

Alexandra Naughton
I don’t make out with dead boys anymore
because they don’t kiss back.

What am I even saying.

What does it mean when smiles
turn into the ones with hearts for eyes.

Like context clues. Like one of the most useful things
I learned in school.

I’m having auditory hallucinations, full length conversations,
good as gospel.

What’s it like to not read into everything, like how something feels or just how you thought of it. Or just how you felt when you thought of it.

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