To Various Persons Talked To All At Once
after Kenneth Koch

my favorite band broke up last night so please don’t expect me to be very entertaining
i watched the documentary ‘pumping iron’ twice today

that says a lot about who i am right now

i’m worried if you don’t have a good time tonight i will feel personally responsible

introversion is a symptom of the times
i saw a car submerged in a lake once, i wonder if the bodies got out
i dont remember which ocean i’m talking about anymore

but i know i mention it too much
i have to watch twin peaks or my dreams won’t be lucid
it doesnt make sense to talk to me that way when i’m your ride home

you’re the kind of kid who sits in grocery store carts,
 begs his friends
to push him down the parking lot

i have to call my mom, should i go outside or are there people out there too
i get nervous if i show you this band you’ll think you can love them as much as me
very few things feel my own since i started telling people too much
 about myself 
that drug sounds exciting in a way i can’t conceptualize

if i wasn’t so petrified of dying i might try it

i was only trying to trick your friend into thinking i was cool

but if she saw my parents’ house she’d think differently i bet

can you ask if she’s ever kissed a girl
i don’t wanna be weird or anything can you take my drink

i don’t have insomnia, the internet’s just so big

you talk like you lived near train tracks your whole life,
worldly from a distance

do you think we should go outside
do you think you can sort of feel the universe expanding
hyperawareness is a symptom of the times
i saw a pretty body motionless in the corner of this party
i don’t remember
i have to go outside
very few things make sense outside a backyard forest
keep talking to me

various smudges of people vibrating like atoms
have you seen
it doesn’t make sense
i don’t remember the ocean
if i wasn’t so petrified i’d try to trick your friends into insomnia
you talk your whole life

About Kate Monica

Kate Monica is a 20 year old college student in Connecticut. She's been published in Holey Scripture, theNewerYork, Control Literary Magazine, and Orchid Children. She was the recipient of the 2014 Collins Literary Prize. Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

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