there is nothing to say
im here frowning, floating
biking, walking dogs
showering, you’ve been gone for a week
i am alone
clean in bed
always in bed
feeding shrimps out of my fried rice to the kitties
they beg
i beg
nothing happens
i ride my bike 10 miles
nothing happens
kinzie street bridge is beautiful at sunset
i sweat a lot
i swear a lot
i stopped making promises
there’s no point
i quit things then take them up again
i wash my sheets
everything is dull
none of my pants fit
fall is my favorite season but i feel nothing

About Megan Schüirmann

Megan Schüirmann lives in Chicago. She is the author of this is the most comf ortab le place in the entir e world and für ferngully. She has been published by ebenbore haus and gesture. Follow her on Tumblr.

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