Whole Life Unrequited

whole life summarized as “half of a banana left in the fridge
for two days; a little brown but i’ll still eat it”

whole life spent pouring Kix on the kitchen floor and watch-
ing them race for the dishwasher

whole life carefully observing body language

whole life saying, “I mean, either way”

whole life imagining clipping my toenails in your bedroom
and not putting them in the garbage

whole life: “can you not”

whole life hovering over an imaginary life superimposed
and duct-taped onto what I’ve referred to as the
incredible potential

whole life chasing ants out of the bathtub

whole life in a couch stain the exact shape of
my first grade teacher

whole life trying to convince you i’m actually
actual and you are the hero-monster
in my dream please don’t kill me

About Emily K Smith

Emily K Smith is a writer and multimedia artist based in Oakland, CA. She is a senior Writing & Literature major at California College of the Arts. Follow her on Tumblr.

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