wreck me

can you wreck me long with my nature brows. breeding grounds are my nudity. i am unity in a two piece. summer sweet long and affluent tongue piece is succulent. i suck your earthy green. im reaching down towards the roots of me. studying the birds and bees that live within me. it is the life long task to answer but first to ask. “who am i? what do i believe?” the simplest thing is to breathe juicy dew drop musk. your husk is tangerine. dusk is galloping and my baby’s blue breathing against me will wreck me.

About Harmony Mooney

Harmony Mooney is a harpist and a poet. She came from the moon many years ago. She does not remember when, but it feels like yesterday. She is still learning about this world. Learn with her tenderly. Her inverted adventures on earth can be found on Tumblr.

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