You’re Not Just Alive Anymore, You’re Alive for Me

My name is Toby
my fun fact is,

I don’t know. I like rice, I guess.

My father is a Southern Baptist and you wouldn’t know it but he got hit by his father every day until he was twenty-three and left Tennessee. I apologize if this is too Freudian but I think that is why I like you, because you remind me of my father, the way you sit and stand and grin like you don’t have any secrets, except you do.

I am very glad I dyed my hair red two days before you told me you think Ariana Grande is the hottest person alive.

There are no pictures on your walls
no sheets on your bed.
I guess you forgot, but

We fell in love over a plate of boil-in-the-bag rice.

About Natalie Kay

Natalie Kay is a BFA student in the Creative Writing program at Bowling Green State University. She can also be found on Twitter.

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