Drug-free cure for sleep apnea

Drug-free cure for sleep apnea

Men and women suffer from sleep apnea. This is best seen by those who have an increased level of stress and those who have anxiety or depression. To significantly increase sleep quality and give you the much needed sleep, there are a number of dietary supplements that are naturally made out there.

Women older than forty years are most often affected by sleep apnea, and the effects are more serious, although generally affect most people. Being unable to sleep causes many problems for people. For example, it has been shown to limit productivity and service, and even causes fatigue and fear.

Sleep apnea is another term that means slow breath or temporary breathing during sleep. The people who suffer from this type of disorder do not realize that they stop breathing for one night sleep. They simply find that in the morning they feel easily tired. Another effect of this kind of disturbance is threatening to the heart.

Typically, there are two types of sleep apnea. The first is known as obstructive sleep apnea, which is mainly caused by muscles in the throat. Compared to the other type, this is the most common for most people. The muscles in the throat block the airways. This causes the brain to get less oxygen. It will happen in a short time so they do not remember it.

Sleep apnea may be potential for causing heart disease. As the oxygen deteriorates in the blood, the carbon dioxide levels increase. It sends a signal to the brain to increase heart rate. Then the brain will respond by releasing the hormone called epinephrine or adrenaline. With the increased circulation of epinephrine, the heart rate increases and blood pressure increases as well.

The effects of sleep apnea are physical and mental fatigue that eventually leads to insomnia. These affect a person's life negatively and can sometimes cause destruction of relationships and careers. Sleep dependence in combination with fatigue can lead to drastic personality changes, decrease work efficiency and can lead to frustration and changes in the mood. However, it is best to note that there are available natural supplements on the market to effectively combat insomnia. There are users who have reported that these supplements are even better than previously prescribed pills for sleeping.

What makes natural remedies for insomnia effective? If the product is manufactured with strong and qualitative herbal ingredients, the product's effectiveness is assured. Most of the plants used, whether they are aromatic or medicinal, have been used by practitioners centuries ago as another alternative in the treatment of sleeplessness patients.

Note that a perfect and effective combination of herbaceous plants results in the best cure for sleep apnea. Rather than settle for a cheaper alternative, try looking for a product with the perfect combination of ingredients that will help you sleep by calming affected areas of the nerves and brain.

Among the categories of natural ingredients and herbal qualities that can help you improve sleep quality are hypnosis, nervousness or relaxing and natural muscle relaxants or antispasmodics.

Since these are all from natural sources, they do not have any negative effects on the human body. In addition, they can be used as replacements for popular drugs like Lunesta and Ambien.

Why are natural cures safer to treat sleep apnea? This is because these natural remedies help prevent negative side effects from taking prescription drugs. Among the hazards are: 1. Lethal overdose when taken with other drugs or alcoholic beverages; 2.) impaired coordination and loss in memory; 3.) Dependency 4.) Tolerance that results in increased dosage; 5.) Organ damage, especially for lungs, liver and kidney. and 6.) hallucinations and confusion.

The list is long and there may be more. For a good night's sleep that is free from sleep apnea, natural remedies are best suited for you.

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